The Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) is an administrative body that is entrusted with defining and maintaining the best possible criteria and standards of the healthcare systems in Oman. The OMSB is a social healthcare committee in Oman responsible for formulating proficient classification and license in their nation.

All local and foreign medicinal service experts who aspire to work in Oman must acquire professional certification and get them registered for the OMSB Medical Exam. Healthcare Services Professionals are required to clear the OMSB Exam to get their expert permit and to practice in the Emirate of Oman. The OMSB exam will be driven either oral or online test (Prometric) depending upon a specialist claim to class and fame. This organization encourages human administration experts to apply for OMSB permits in order to work in Oman Healthcare Facilities.

At present, OMSB conveys 31 OMSB Licensing Exams for doctors, technicians, and technologists. All OMSB examinations are accessible online at most affiliated and private prometric centers worldwide, so applicants can do OMSB licensing exams at their countries. This remote service help candidates to spare time, cost, and encourages scheduling their tests. Also, OMSB exams qualify all applicants to continue with oral assessments and get the Medical License.


  • Physicians (General / Specialist / Consultant)

  • Dentists (General / Specialist / Assistant)
  • Nurse / Midwife
  • All Allied Health Professionals


  • EMAIL US YOUR DOCUMENTS: The OMSB exam applicant is required to provide the scanned copies of the following documents:

    • A recent Passport-size Photograph
    • A copy of Valid Passport (must be issued by the government, has a signature and a personal image)
    • Educational qualifications
    • Experience certificates
    • License / registration
    • Good Standing Certificate or GSC
    • Logbook for surgical specialties
  • YOUR QUALIFICATION ASSESSMENT: MyD HealthCare Consultancy professionals will conduct your document assessment and this process will be done within the same day. If you found qualified, then you have to pay the required examination fees and start your process.

  • SUBMITTING DOCUMENTS & BOOKING EXAM: We will submit your application for OMSB medical exam hassle-free and book your Prometric exam /oral exam at your convenience. Kindly note you can choose any of the Prometric exam centers spread worldwide to give exam and to become eligible to work as a healthcare practitioner in Oman.


We, MyD HealthCare Consultancy experts are guided with the philosophy of enriching the professional skills of healthcare service providers in the Gulf Countries. In continuation of the training procedures, we have connected with a group of specialists who are exceptionally confident in the processing of the licensing documents. We can guarantee you the processing of your OMSB exam application without any hassle. In case your application is submitted through us, the initial analysis by our expert team will make it an error-free document. We established our venture in the year 2012. It implies that we have reinforced us with your desires throughout the last seven years.

At MyD HealthCare Consultancy, we take great pride in our professional ability to assist you with the application of your OMSB Medical Exam and look forward to helping you accomplish your perspective objectives as well.


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Dr. Anita Takur

Within 1 month, my application was applied, verified and the Prometric Test was set. Moreover, they gave me the whole prometric material that was needed to study and I was able to pass the exam from the first time and got the Healthcare Professional Registration Certificate. Special Thanks to MyD HealthCare Consultancy Team.

Ankit Tiwari, Physiotherapist

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Dr. Satheesh Kumar