WHAT IS SCFHS Licensing Exam?

The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties also known as SCFHS has regulatory control to supervise and evaluate the training programs. They are liable t control the standards and principals for the practice of healthcare professions. The SCFHS authority is the one who has the rights to issue professional classification as well as registration cards to all the healthcare specialists under the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or KSA.

All the healthcare professionals who aspire to work for the health sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must attain a certificate of professional classification and achieve an SCFHS license to become eligible to work under their nation. The SCFHS medical exam will be taken either oral or online. The SCFHS authority empowers human services specialists to apply for SCFHS licensing exam so as to get qualified to work in Saudi Arabia HealthCare Sectors.


  • Physicians (General / Specialist / Consultant)

  • Dentists (General / Specialist / Assistant)
  • Nurse / Midwife
  • All Allied Health Professionals


  1. Dataflow PSV (Primary Source Verification) Application
  2. Pre-Eligibility Application & Professional Classification/ Eligibility Application
  3. SCFHS Prometric Exam Scheduling
  4. Professional Classification Certificate

STEP I: Dataflow PSV (Primary Source Verification) Application

Dataflow is a third-party organization partnered with SCFHS authority to verify all your academic certifications, professional licenses such as RN, MD, etc., and your previous employment/business records.

We at MyD HealthCare Consultancy take great pride in assisting you in the SCFHS licensing exam application process. We will upload all of your eligibility documents and submit your application fees to Dataflow. You can expect at least two months for the completion of the Dataflow application process.

Once your Dataflow application verified by the Dataflow authority, you can then go ahead with Step 2.

STEP II: Professional Classification and SCFHS Licensing Exam:

We have to upload all your necessary documents to SCFHS online portal (such as educational certificates, passport copy, professional license, origin license, employment /experience letters, etc.) The SCFHS authority will then verify your application to check your eligibility for SCFHS licensing. If you found eligible for SCFHS licensing exam, then, you will get an Eligibility Number from SCFHS authority which permits you to get registered for the SCFHS licensing exam.

STEP III: SCFHS Prometric Exam

STEP IV: Professional Classification Certificate

Once you have passed the SCFHS medical exam, the SCFHS authority will then conclude the final verification of your exam application. As soon as they approved your application, you will receive a Professional Classification Certificate.

Your professional registration process will be finalized before your arrival in Saudi Arabia.


We, MyD HealthCare Consultancy experts are guided with the philosophy of enriching the professional skills of healthcare service providers in the Gulf Countries. In continuation of the training procedures, we have connected with a group of specialists who are exceptionally confident in the processing of the licensing documents. We can guarantee you the processing of your SCFHS exam application without any hassle. In case your application is submitted through us, the initial analysis by our expert team will make it an error-free document. We established our venture in the year 2012. It implies that we have reinforced us with your desires throughout the last seven years.

At MyD HealthCare Consultancy, we take great pride in our professional ability to assist you with the application of your SCFHS Medical Exam and look forward to helping you accomplish your perspective objectives as well.


Here’s what our happy clients had to say about our services

To every person who’s planning to apply correctly for Prometric and DHA License to work in healthcare and medical field in UAE, I strongly recommend MyD HealthCare Consultancy Team whom supported me a lot through this process and made it much easier.

Dr. Anita Takur

Within 1 month, my application was applied, verified and the Prometric Test was set. Moreover, they gave me the whole prometric material that was needed to study and I was able to pass the exam from the first time and got the Healthcare Professional Registration Certificate. Special Thanks to MyD HealthCare Consultancy Team.

Ankit Tiwari, Physiotherapist

Since I started working with MyD HealthCare Consultancy, they provided me with the opportunity for the DHA licences for Dubai within a short period of time. They have an excellent and fast customer service. Since the beginning they were clear in every step of the way, and constantly updated me on every detail. Therefore, I will continue working with them because of the great experience I had.

Dr. Satheesh Kumar